Why don’t windscreens shatter any more?

Laminated windscreens are made by sandwiching a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between two pieces of glass. The glass and the PVB are sealed and then heated. This chemically and mechanically bonds the PV to the glass. That is what allows the glass to absorb energy during an impact, and give the glass resistance to penetration from flying projectiles. Laminated windscreens can break and be punctured, but will stay intact because of it’s chemical bond with the PVB.

What role does my windscreen play if I am involved in an accident?

In a front end collision, the Windscreen provides up to 45% of the structural integrity of the cabin of the vehicle and in a rollover, up to 60%. This strength allows it to perform very important safety functions. It allows passenger side air bags to deploy correctly, absorbing both the speed and the force of the air bag in order to protect the passenger. Because of its’ strength, a windscreen can keep occupants inside the car during an accident.

So why is it so important I have my windscreen either repaired or replaced immediately a chip or crack appears?

Because of its’ strength, the windscreen can keep occupants inside the car during an accident. In the past, occupants could be ejected through the windscreen because the glass wasn’t strong enough. In addition to absorbing the force of deployed air bags and keeping passengers inside the vehicle, laminated windscreens also provide strength to a car’s roof. A chip or crack significantly reduces the strength of the windscreen, and thereby puts the occupants at risk in an accident.

Does the type of glass or adhesive matter?

We use only the highest quality glass. Our adhesives meet the original manufacturers specifications which guarantees a successful outcome. Arthur’s Autoglass will never compromise owner or vehicle safety or compromise a leak-proof replacement by using cheap, inferior products. As the saying goes, installations are only as good as the materials used — and Arthur’s Autoglass doesn’t compromise on quality!

I have a chip in my windscreen. Can you repair it?

We sure can!! Windscreen chips can generally be successfully repaired if they are no bigger than a 20c piece. For a chip in the driver’s line of vision, the chip can be no bigger than a 5c piece. Repairing your windscreen immediately you receive a chip can save you the cost of a new windscreen. We can provide you with windcreen saver patches, to keep the chip clean and dry to ensure your repair is visually the best it can be. In a pinch, clear sticky tape applied to the chip will help. It won’t prevent a chip turning into a crack, but will keep the chip clean.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We offer a lifetime guarantee on all our workmanship. As we are part of the National Windscreens Group, should you have any problem whilst travelling or if you relocate, we can arrange for one of our networkrepairers to assist you.

What other services do you offer?

As well as windscreen repairs and replacements, we also replace side and rear glass for vehicles. Broken side mirror? We can take care of that, with our own cutting equipment to save you money. Insurance? We are approved repairers for the majority of insurance providers. Earthmoving equipment? We can replace glass in most machinery for significantly less cost than original equipment. Advice? Advice is always happily given. Just call in and see us.

Why should I buy from you?

We are a locally owned and operated business. We have been here for 19 years, and plan to be here for quite a while longer. We don’t have a multi million dollar advertising budget to enable us to tell you what a great job we do. Instead, we rely on word of mouth, our great local advertising and our reputation. We live locally, shop locally and employ local people. And someone is always here to help and advise you. Great reasons to use us? We think so!


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